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CBR Mechanical Test Set

CBR Mechanical Test Set

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CBR Mechanical Test SetH-4152
CBR Mechanical Test Set
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CBR Mechanical Test Set

Complete mechanical test set used for CBR testing. Includes a complete complement of test equipment for performing CBR testing. The test set features the H-4156 loading press (load frame), which uses a two-position mechanical jack to provide steady test speeds, as well as rapid travel of the platen for positioning of the sample. The press, includes a H-4454.100, 11,000lbf (48.8kN) calibrated load ring, a H-4178, 1.95" (49.5mm) dia. (3 in2 area) penetration piston, a H-4158.1, 1.000" x .001, dial indicator and a H-4178BR dial indicator bracket, Overall dimensions: 18" x 12" x 34" (45.8 x 30.5 x 86.4cm).

The CBR test set includes:
H-4156: (1) Mechanical loading press
H-4151: (4) Mold
H-4153: (1) Spacer disk
H-4154: (4) Filter screens
H-4172: (2) Swell plates
H-4158: (1) Tripod attachment
H-4175; (4) Surcharge weights
H-4176: (4) Slotted surcharge weights
H-4170A: (1) Density hammer
H-4144.12: (1) Straight edge, 12-inch
H-4174: (1) Cutting edge

Replacement Parts

  Part Number & Name Price QTY
CBR Mold with Perforated Base, 6" H-4151
CBR Mold with Perforated Base, 6"
Spacer Disk H-4153
Spacer Disk
Filter Screens H-4154
Filter Screens
Swell Plates H-4172
Swell Plates
Swell Tripod Attachment H-4158
Swell Tripod Attachment
Dial Indicators Dial IndicatorsClick for Options
Surcharge Weights, 5 lb. H-4175
Surcharge Weights, 5 lb.
Slotted Surcharge Weights, 5 lb. H-4176
Slotted Surcharge Weights, 5 lb.
Cutting Edge H-4174
Cutting Edge
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