Load Frame, Multi-Speed for Triaxial Testing

Load Frame, Multi-Speed  for Triaxial Testing

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Load Frame, Multi-Speed for CBR TestingHM-2850.3F
Load Frame, Multi-Speed for CBR Testing
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Load Frame, Multi-Speed for Triaxial Testing

Supports the following standards: ASTM D1883, ASTM D2850, ASTM D2166, ASTM D4767, ASTM D1559; AASHTO T193, AASHTO T296, AASHTO T297, AASHTO T208, AASHTO T245, AASHTO T246; BS 1377: Part 4: 1990, BS 1377: Part 7: 1990, BS 1377: Part 8: 1990, BS 598: Part 107

The HM-2850 Multi-speed Load Frame is designed for those who want a high-quality, but simple, multi-purpose load frame without built-in data acquisition capabilities. The HM-2850 is ideal for applications where the operator is either not concerned with data acquisition; or, already has or is planning to construct their own data acquisition system. With its large 7" color, touchscreen, the HM-2850 provides the operator with the ability to precisely select any speed with four decimal accuracy within the machine‘s speed range.

The HM-2850 features a quiet, direct drive stepper motor that provides a range of loading speeds from 0.00001 to 2.00000 in/min. This speed range is more than adequate for the majority of standard soil tests. The HM-2850 also incorporates a separate, dedicated control to accommodate 2.00 in/min. for use in Marshall and TSR Testing, as
well as a rapid travel speed of 2.25 in/min for moving the platen into position quickly. Speeds are controlled through the use of edit keys and the digital display.

Features Include:

  • 8" platen provides roomy, stable base for test equipment
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Test speeds adjustable from 0.0001 to 2.00000 in/min. via keypad
  • User selectable unit change between U.S. standard and metric from keypad
  • Preset Marshall/TSR test option

Load Frame includes:
3/4-16 HHG531/2
WF04— Washer

Load Capacity:11000 lbf (50kN)
Speed Range:0.05 to 2.00000 inch/min. .00000-50.800000 mm/min
Platen Size:8" (203mm)
Platen Travel:4" (100mm)
Clearance, Vertical:40" (1000mm)
Clearance, Horizontal: 11" (279mm)
Voltage:110/220V 50/60Hz - 5.0amps
Dimensions:17 x 22 x 51"(432 x 559 x 1295mm)
Net Weight:300 lbs (136kg)

Typical CU/UU Triaxial Setup with HM-2850

HM-2850.3F:Load Frame, Multi-Speed for CBR Testing
H-4454.020Load Ring with analog dial indicator, 2200lbf, 10.0kN, 1000kgf
H-4463Dial Gauge, Range: 2.000", Division: .001", Dia.: 2.75", Brake: No
HM-4170Pore Pressure Transducer
HM-200387Ball Seat Adapter (3/4"-16)
HM-2350Single Channel Display, 120V 60Hz— 4 Digit Accuracy
HM-4150.3FFlexPanel Control Panels FlexPanel, 1-Cell Control Panel, 2-150 psi (0.1 psi)
HM-4140.3F1FlexPanels - Master Control Panel FlexPanel Master Control Panel, 2-150 psi (0.1 psi)
HM-4187A.3F17 x 22 x 51"(432 x 559 x 1295mm)
H-1763AHigh Vacuum Pump, 120V 60Hz
HM-4199BTriaxial Cells for up to 2.8" Samples Triaxial Cell, Standard Cell
HM-4199.20Triaxial Cap and Base Set, Anodized Aluminum Triaxial Cell, 2.0" Cap and Base Set, Anodized Aluminum

Typical Unconfined Compression Setup with HM-2850

HM-2002Upper Unconfined Platen
HM-3000.10.5Displacement Contact Assembly
H-4454.005Load Ring 500 lbf (2.5kN)
H-4463Dial gauge 2.0" travel 0.001" divisions

Typical Soil Cement Setup with HM-2850

HM-2003EUpper Swivel Platen
H-4454.050Load Ring, 5,000 lbf (25kN)


Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets
HM-2850-Manual (Product Manual PDF)


ASTM D1883
ASTM D2850
ASTM D2166
ASTM D4767
AASHTO T246; BS 1377: Part 4: 1990
BS 1377: Part 7: 1990
BS 1377: Part 8: 1990
BS 598: Part 107

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