ASTM D2850

Standard Test Method for Unconsolidated - Undrained Triaxial Compression Test on Cohesive Soils

1Choose One:
HM-5030.3FDigital masterloader, 50kN (11000 lbf),110/220V 50/60Hz
HM-5020.3FDigital proloader, 15kN (3000 lbf) ,110/220V 50/60Hz
1HM-4199BTriaxial cell 3" (75mm) dia. capacity
1HM-4199.xx*Top cap/ base pedestal set
1HM-2300.xx*Load cell
1HM-2310.20Displacement transducer 2" (25mm) (LSCT)
1HM-200387Mounting ball seat adapter
1HM-4178BRTDisplacement transducer bracket
1HM-5003SWCU triaxial software module
1HM-4154Pressure distribution panel for automated system, 1-cell
1HM-3130Sample trimmer
1HM-3175Wire saw
1HM-3130.xx*Sample trimmer top platen
1HM-4186.xx*Sample length trimmer with knife
1HM-4173Length comparator for length
1Choose One:
HM-4174Precision diameter tape, 0.75" to 7"
HM-4174MPrecision diameter tape, 28 to 200mm
2HM-4179.xx*Acrylic disk
1HM-4180.xx*Latex membranes
1HM-4181.xx*Membrane stretcher
1HM-4183.xx*O-Ring placing tool
1HM-4189.xxFilter Paper

Note: Items specified for ASTM D2216 also required *Items with .x or .xx require a size indication.


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