Horizontal Sample Ejector

Horizontal Sample Ejector

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  Part Number & Name Price QTY
Horizontal Sample Ejector, 120V 60HzH-4185
Horizontal Sample Ejector, 120V 60Hz
Horizontal Sample Ejector, 220V 60HzH-4185.2F
Horizontal Sample Ejector, 220V 60Hz
Horizontal Sample Ejector, 220V 50HzH-4185.5F
Horizontal Sample Ejector, 220V 50Hz
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Horizontal Sample Ejector

Hydraulically driven horizontal sample ejector designed for rapid ejection of 3" (76.2mm) x 30" (762mm) thin-wall sample tubes (Shelby Tubes). The Horizontal Sample Ejector provides a smooth and easily controlled piston stroke providing easy and rapid handling of ejected samples. The unit's hydraulic system accurately controls the horizontal piston's 5600lbf (24.9kN) force to eject samples smoothly. Ejector uses 1.7gpm hydraulic pump powered by a 1hp electric motor. Hydraulic oil resevoir provides 2.5gal (9.5L) capacity.

This ejector can also be used with 2 or 2.5" Shelby Tube samples using the corresponding conversion kit, see chart below. Ejector comes with (1) sample trough to support ejected samples.


  Part Number & Name Price QTY
Sample Trough, Round Bottom H-4185.RT
Sample Trough, Round Bottom
Conversion Kit for 2" Sample Tube
Conversion Kit for 2.5" Sample Tube
Horizontal Sample Ejector Stand H-4185.100
Horizontal Sample Ejector Stand
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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets
H-4185 MAN 0519 (Product Manual PDF)
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