Humboldt Humidity Sensor System

Humboldt Humidity Sensor System

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Humboldt Humidity Sensor System
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Humboldt Humidity Sensor System

Based on Humboldt‘s Concrete Maturity System, the Humidity Sensor System can be used to wirelessly monitor curing room humidity.

The Humboldt Humidity Sensor System provides a wireless solution to collecting humidity data. Humidity can be accessed from anywhere without even visiting the curing room. When the system is installed, it is activated by registering it with your website account using a sensor-specific ID number. Once this step is completed, the transmitter for each sensor will begin to receive data from the sensor and transmit that data to the receiver. The receiver then relays this information to your account on the web-based cloud platform. This information/data is available to you in real time, 24/7, 365 days a year by simply logging into your account, using your user name and password.

The Humidity Sensor System is available as a kit, which includes (1) Receiver, (1) Transmitter/Sensor, and a website platform account.

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