Ductilometer, Elite Series, Refrigerated

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Ductilometer, Elite Series, Refrigerated

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Ductilometer, Elite Series, Refrigerated
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Ductilometer, Elite Series, Refrigerated

Supports the following standards: ASTM D113, ASTM D6084, ASTM D5892, AASHTO T51

Humboldt's Elite Series refrigerated Ductilometer features Humboldt's Elite Series Controller. This touch-screen controller provides you with full, graphical monitoring of all testing functions in a stand-alone application, while also providing the ability to control the machine from a networked computer or just port data from the controller to a networked computer or by USB The HA-1060 Refrigerated Ductilometer is mounted into a polypropylene bath designed for use with sodium chloride solutions. The cabinet is constructed of a heavy-gauge, enamel-finish steel lower cabinet and stainless steel upper cabinet. It is fully-insulated and the sealed space between the inner and outer walls protects the low-thermal conductivity properties of the foam and fiberglass combination (tested and proven to have the best K factor). A high-capacity pump assures positive circulation in the bath to provide close temperature control. Three-direction flow regulation is handled with flow cut-off valves that engage when equilibrium is reached. A sensitive, magnetic-setting, electronic relay control panel for heat and refriger-ation maintains temperature range of 32°F (0°C) to 86°F (30°C) by 0.1°F (0.1°C).

The HA-1060 Controller provides precise speed control of the DC, direct-drive motor maintaining constant speed, entirely vibration-free. from 5 to 100mm/min. The unit provides for three test briquettes per testing sequence with a maximum carriage travel (elongation) of 150cm and an automatic stop feature.

The machine also provides a manual disengage lever for quickly disengaging the screw drive to return the testing carraige back to the start position after a test completion.This feature allows multiple tests to be run without having to wait for the machine to reset itself.

The HA-1060 has a stainless steel interior with an overflow connection, and a baked enamel stainless steel-wrapped exterior. Gears are bronze or brass; all other parts are solid brass to prevent rusting. Finned stainless steel tubes beneath a false bottom provide efficient thermal transfer. A single stainless steel lead screw mounted above water level pre-vents agitation of water and premature rupture of specimens. A traveling pointer adjusts to zero starting position and indicates exact position of carriage on a linear centimeter scale attached to trough‘s front edge.

Stand-Alone Control
In stand-alone mode the controller provides you with full, graphical monitoring of all testing functions, while maintaining full computer control when desired. The seven-inch, waterproof screen provides at-a-glance monitoring of testing functions, in a real-time graphical display, without the use of a computer, building upon Humboldt's dedication to modular, stand-alone data acquisition. You will be able to run tests and display results while viewing tabulation, basic x-y graphs and instrument readings in real-time during the test, using user-defined, basic data acquisition. Test data is stored in the device and can be down-loaded to a USB drive via the machine's FRONT USB port or the data can be transferred to a computer via the LAN port. A second USB port located on the back of the machine can also be used to power a wireless access point, which can provide a wireless hook-up with a computer, if no LAN is available.

Computer Control
Humboldt's Next software is included with the HA-1060 Ductilometer. This software provides robust machine control, calibration, data acquisi-tion and report generation for those using a com-puter to control testing operations. In addition, operators have the ability to view and control testing operations from a PC in the lab, in the next room or at a different location, while also providing report generating capabilities.

Includes 3 standard H-1080 briquette molds with H-1090 plates and an integral, clear acrylic cover to aid in temperature control. Cabinet is 90 x 41 x 23" (229 x 104 x 58cm)


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Force Determination
Ductility Molds




ASTM D6084

ASTM D5892


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