Humboldt, Hand-Operated
Sieve Shaker

Humboldt, Hand-OperatedSieve Shaker

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Humboldt, Hand-OperatedSieve ShakerH-4310
Humboldt, Hand-Operated
Sieve Shaker
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Humboldt, Hand-Operated
Sieve Shaker

The Humboldt, hand-operated sieve shaker can be used with 3", 5" and 8" sieves. It can handle up to ten 8" sieves, twelve 5" sieves, sixteen 3" full-height sieves or eighteen half-height 8" sieves. Unit should be bolted to bench for correct operation. Dimensions 15"w x 15"d x 45"h (380 x 380 x 1143mm).

The Humboldt, Hand-Operated
Sieve Shaker supports the following standards: ASTM C136


Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets
H-4325 man 0310 (Product Manual PDF)


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