Augers, Bucket-Type, Quick-Connect, Mud

Augers, Bucket-Type, Quick-Connect, Mud

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Auger, Bucket-Type, Quick-Connect, Mud, 2"H-4420QC
Auger, Bucket-Type, Quick-Connect, Mud, 2"
Auger, Bucket-Type, Quick-Connect, 2.25"H-4421QC
Auger, Bucket-Type, Quick-Connect, 2.25"
Auger, Bucket-Type, Quick-Connect, 2.75"H-4422QC
Auger, Bucket-Type, Quick-Connect, 2.75"
Auger, Bucket-Type, Quick-Connect, 3.25"H-4423QC
Auger, Bucket-Type, Quick-Connect, 3.25"
Auger, Bucket-Type, Quick-Connect, 4"H-4424QC
Auger, Bucket-Type, Quick-Connect, 4"
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Augers, Bucket-Type, Quick-Connect, Mud

Quick-connect, button-and-hex coupling system allows components to connect and disconnect faster and with less hassle than threaded systems. Quick-connect connections, are not compatible with slide hammers. Bucket augers offer outstanding durability and allow access to deeper depths. Mud auger bits are designed for sampling heavy, wet soil or clay samples; opening facilitates removal of wet samples. Heat treated, high carbon steel bits with tungsten carbide hard-surfaced edges. Bits are welded to a stainless steel cylinder, topped with a carbon steel ball.


  Part Number & Name Price QTY
Augers, Extensions, Quick-Connnect Augers, Extensions, Quick-ConnnectClick for Options
Auger Handle, Quick-Connect H-4447QC
Auger Handle, Quick-Connect
Auger, Cross-Handle, 16" Ratcheting Auger, Cross-Handle, 16" RatchetingClick for Options
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