Augers, Bucket-Type, Threaded, Mud

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Augers, Bucket-Type, Threaded, Mud

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Auger, Bucket-Type, Threaded, Mud, 2"
Auger, Bucket-Type, Threaded, Mud, 2.25"
Auger, Bucket-Type, Threaded, Mud, 2.75"
Auger, Bucket-Type, Threaded, Mud, 3.25"
Auger, Bucket-Type, Threaded, Mud, 4" dia (102mm)
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Augers, Bucket-Type, Threaded, Mud

Threaded connections use standard, national course, 5/8" threads and are the most common and least expensive. Augers, core samplers, probes, slide hammers, hammer-head handles, and kits are available with threaded connections. Bucket augers offer outstanding durability and allow access to deeper depths. Mud auger bits are designed for sampling heavy, wet soil or clay samples; opening facilitates removal of wet samples. Heat treated, high carbon steel bits with tungsten carbide hard-surfaced edges. Bits are welded to a stainless steel cylinder, topped with a carbon steel ball.


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Augers, Extensions, Threaded
Auger Handle, Threaded Connection
Auger, Cross-Handle, 16" Ratcheting
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