Masonry Saw, 5" Cut

Masonry Saw, 5" Cut

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Masonry Saw, 5" Cut
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Masonry Saw, 5" Cut

Saw for use in cutting concrete and mortar cylinders and blocks. Blade capacity is 14" (350mm), which allows a cutting depth of 5" (127mm). Perfect for cutting 4"x 8" cylinders. Unit features a 1.5hp, 115V 1ph . The saw has only two pivot points for reduced saw maintenance and longer diamond blade life. The cutting head pivots on bearings, which are sealed and lubricated for life requiring no greasing. Its ergonomically designed steel handle with molded grip bolts securely into place and the Sta-levelĀ® blade guard keeps the blade guard parallel to the cutting table for accurate cuts. Height can be controlled with a convenient crank control on foot pedal.

  • Equipped with a patented water management system that keeps the work piece dry and the workplace clean
  • The double splash guard decreases water spray behind the saw and makes cleaning easier
  • Head rotates to easily cut 22.5 degree and 45 degree bevel cuts
  • It is easy for two people to move the saw thanks to integrated telescopic handles
  • Sta-levelĀ® blade guard keeps the blade guard parallel to the cutting table for accurate cuts

Saw is shown with optional HC-2930.1 adjustable stand.

Blade Dia.:14" (356mm)
Cut Depth:5" (127mm)
Motor:1.5hp (1.1)
Power Supply:115/60hz


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14" (350mm) Masonry Saw Blades
Portable Masonry Saw Stand
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