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Acidity and Moisture Tester

Acidity and Moisture Tester

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Acidity and Moisture TesterH-4377
Acidity and Moisture Tester
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Acidity and Moisture Tester

Provides the ability to make on-the-spot in field or lab tests for soil acidity in moist soil. Measures pH and moisture content (% relative saturation). The Kelway tester operates on the principle of electrical potential between two dissimilar metal plates - without batteries or any external power source. When inserted into moist soil it registers the degree of acidity on the upper scale. The lower scale shows degree of moisture (% saturation) when the switch button is held in. Tester is supplied with belt-loop case, two 3" x 4" (76 x 102mm) conditioning film sheets and instructions. Not for use with liquids.

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Acidity and Moisture Tester Conditioner Film
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