Basic Swell/Expansion Consolidometer

Basic Swell/Expansion Consolidometer

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Basic Swell/Expansion Consolidometer, 2.440"
Basic Swell/Expansion Consolidometer, 2.500"
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Basic Swell/Expansion Consolidometer

A self-contained consolidometer used to conduct swell expansion tests on soil specimens. Set includes: stainless steel base/acrylic ring device with adjustable, dial indicator standard and bracket, a compaction specimen ring, top and bottom porous stones and a 60 psf stainless steel loading weight. Consolidometer can also be used with cutting ring, listed below, instead of supplied compaction ring for use in acquiring samples from undisturbed Shelby tube samples. A dial indicator is required, choose from either H-4471 with a range of .500" with .0001" divisions or H-4465.12 with a range of 12mm and .002mm divisions. Alternative loading weights are also available, please inquire.

Components for HM-1972-1D

Cutting Ring, SS HM-1220.24.8
Compaction Ring, SS HM-1972-3D
Loading Weight, 60 PSF (SS) HM-1972-6D
Top Porous Stone HM-4184.240
Base Porous Stone,
3.31" dia. x 0.25" thick

Components for HM-1972-1E

Cutting Ring, SS HM-1220.25.8
Compaction Ring, SS HM-1972-3E
Loading Weight, 60 PSF (SS) HM-1972-6E
Top Porous Stone HM-4184.2485
Base Porous Stone,
3.31" dia. x 0.25" thick

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Cutter Ring (All) for Consolidation Cells
Compaction Ring for Consolidometer, 2.440"
Loading Weight for Consolidometer, 2.440"
Consolidation Cells, Upper Stones
Lower Stone (Fixed & Permeability)
Compaction Ring for Consolidometer, 2.500"
Loading Weight for Consolidometer, 2.500"
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