Computer Data Acquisition System for HT-4132

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Computer Data Acquisition System for HT-4132
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Unlimited readings are saved to a file that can be viewed and printed as is, or printed in any report or spreadsheet format. Networking server/client capability allows the captured data to be monitored on a remote workstation. Readings may be streamed to cell phones or anywhere via email every minute or in any time interval. 24/7 notification of audible/visual alarms are sent to user's computer, remote computer, via email anywhere, and by email to cell phones. Program automatically installs in less than two minutes. Absolutely no user programming, no user keystrokes, no user entries are required. Simply connect the cable to the instrument and to a USB port (or serial port) and data is captured. Operation is straight forward plug and play. It is that easy. It is designed to work with Windows® 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7. Includes a CD, a 6-foot cable (supplied USB, serial, and instrument connections) cable plugs into the instrument and computer. Multiple accessory extension cables expand cable length to 300 feet.

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