Continuous-Load Concrete Beam Tester for 6" x 6" Beams

Continuous-Load Concrete Beam Tester for 6" x 6" Beams

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Concrete Beam Tester w/ Micro-pump, 16" Single-Point
Concrete Beam Tester w/ Micro-pump, 18", Single-Point
Concrete Beam Tester w/ Micro-pump, 18", Three-Point
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Continuous-Load Concrete Beam Tester for 6" x 6" Beams

Supports the following standards: ASTM C293, ASTM C78, AASHTO T177

By adding a Micro-pump to our Concrete Beam Testers provides a continuous load pressure to the testing procedure, which renders these Beam Testers in compliance with the ASTM standards. According to the ASTM, a load can be rapidly applied to the beam up to 50% of the expected maximum load. Then, by using the micro-pump the rest of the load can be applied continuously until failure. The range of the micro-pump allows it to add up to 10,000 lbf pressure.

Humboldt‘s Portable, Concrete Beam Testers with Micro-pumps are a great quality control tool for contractors, DOTs and consultants for quickly and accurately determining flexural strengths of concrete using 6" x 6" cross-section test beams. These Beam Breakers are hydraulically driven units using the center-point loading method and providecontinuous readings to the beam breaking point while retaining the maximum reading for accuracy and to eliminate lost data. The gauge also resets to zero for testing multiple beams.

These beam breakers are constructed of lightweight aluminum, making them extremely portable for use at even the most remote of jobsites. Self-contained, portable concrete beam tester, which accurately and easily determines flexural strengths of 6" x 6" test beams of 16" and 18" lengths.

The H-3030CL is a single-point tester for 16" beams

The H-3032CL is a single-point tester for 18" beams

The H-3033CL is a third-point tester for 18" beams


Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

H-3031CL-datasheet (Data Sheet PDF)

H-3030CL man 0818 (Product Manual PDF)






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