Dial Gauges, ASTM

Dial Gauges, ASTM

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Dial Gauge, Range: .200", Division: .0001", Dia.: 2.25", Brake: No
Dial Gauge, Range: .200", Division: .0001", Dia.: 2.25", Brake: Yes
Dial Gauge, Range: .300", Division: .0001", Dia.: 2.25", Brake: No
Dial Gauge, Range: .500", Division: .0001", Dia.: 2.25", Brake: No
Dial Gauge— Range: 1.000", Division: .001", Dia.: 2.25", Brake: No
Dial Gauge, Range: 2.000", Division: .001", Dia.: 2.75", Brake: No
Dial Gauge, Range: 3.000", Division: .001", Dia.: 3.5", Brake: No
Dial Gauge, Range: 4.000", Division: .001", Dia.: 2.75", Brake: No
Dial Gauge, Range: 5.000", Division: .001", Dia.: 2.25", Brake: No
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Dial Gauges, ASTM

Supports the following standards: ASTM D4829, ASTM D1883, ASTM D2166

Indicators are built to American Gauge Design Specifications for accuracy and are used in field and laboratory testing applications. Dials are high-quality, low-friction type, designed for long life and accurate repeatable readings. All dial indicators have continuous graduations and revolution counters that show revolutions of the indicator hand. They are furnished with a lug back (with a 90° mounting hole to be used vertically or horizontally), a regular contact point .25" long, and a dust cap.


Dials listed are clockwise rotation, counter-clockwise rotation see note below.

Range Division Dia. Brake Model
.200" .0001" 2.25" No H-4460
.200" .0001" 2.25" Yes H-4461A
.300" .0001" 2.25" No H-4462
.500" .0001" 2.25" No H-4471
1.000" .001" 2.25" No H-4158.1
2.000" .001" 2.75" No H-4463
3.000" .001" 2.75" No H-4464
4.000" .001" 2.75" No H-4465
5.000" .001" 2.75" No H-4466
8mm .002mm 57mm No H-4465.08
12mm .002mm 57mm No H-4465.12
25mm .010mm 57mm No H-4465.25
50mm .020mm 70mm No H-4465.50


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