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Digital Rotational ViscometerH-1638.3F
Digital Rotational Viscometer
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Digital Rotational Viscometer

Supports the following standards:

The H-1638, Fungilab Evo Expert R range rotational viscometer paired with the Asphalt Industry Thermosphere offers the latest in SHRP asphalt binder testing equipment specifically designed to meet the requirements of ASTM D4402 / AASHTO T316 high-temperature test methods for asphalt binders. The precision and accuracy for controlling sample temperatures up to +300˚C is ideal for the asphalt industry.

The H-1638 viscometer provides a measuring range of 25-40,000,000 cP with 54 speeds in a range from 0.01 to 200 rpm. A Color TFT screen, for easy reading and fast data recognition is paired with an intuitive, full-touch key pad provides the ultimate in data control. The Evo Expert also provides USB connection to your PC and WiFi integration for easy control and access to your measurements. It also includes DataBoss software.

Data Displayed:

  • Selected Speed: rpm
  • Selected Spindle: SP
  • Viscosity Reading: P mPas or cSt
  • Percentage of full scale: %
  • Sample Temperature: °C or °F
  • Shear Rate: SR (s-1) with coaxial spindles
  • Shear Stress: SS N/m2 (with coaxial spindles)
  • Density: g/cm3

Viscosity Reading:

  • Dynamic Viscosity
  • cP or mPa·s
  • Kinematics Viscosity
  • cSt
  • Unit Converter: SI to CGS

Program Features:

  • Time to torque & Time to stop
  • 9 working memories
  • Customizable speed options
  • Multi-step
  • Ramp
  • AUTO-TEST: automatical internal viscosimeter checking
  • AUTO-RANGE: full scale range for combination spindle speed.
  • Temperature reading by PT100.
  • User-enabled viscosity and temperature calibration.
  • 10 language options

The Viscometer Includes: Viscometer head with serial number, stand with 3-point levelling adjustment, Boss head, (1) TR8 spindle, spindle protector, spindle rack, PT100 probe, Datalogger software, USB cable, power cable, carrying case and calibration certificate.

Picture shown above includes Thermosphere H-1639. Viscometer and Thermosphere sold separately. 


  Part Number & Name Price QTY
Spindle (TR8) 50-170,000CP
Spindle (TR9) 250-830,000CP
Spindle (TR10) 500-170,000CP
Spindle (TR11) 1000-3,300,000CP
Viscometer/Rheometer - Silicone Std. Oil, RT 30,000
Viscometer/Rheometer - Silicone Std. Oil, RT 60,000
Viscometer/Rheometer - Silicone Std. Oil, RT 100,000
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