Direct/Residual Shear Apparatus, Manual

Supports the following standards: ASTM D3080
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Direct/Residual Shear Apparatus, Dead Weight Method, Standard
Direct/Residual Shear Apparatus, Dead Weight Method, Metric
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Horizontal Movement:2" (50mm) Maximum
Horizontal Shear Force:2000 lbf (10kN)
Vertical Load:2000 lbf (10kN)
Data channels:0 Channels
Speed Range:0.00001 to 0.49999 in./min. 0.00001 to 12.9999 mm/min.
Data storage:None
Dimensions (L x D x H):40" x 10" x 45" (1016 x 254 x 1143mm)
Voltage:110/220V 50/60Hz - 6.5amps
Net weight:300 lbs (136kg)
Typical Test Setup for HM-5750.3F
HM-5750.3F1Direct/Residual Shear Apparatus, Dead Weight Method, Standard
HM-11201Weight Set Consolidation Testing Weight Set, 16 TSF
HM-2751.20S1Shearbox Assembly, 2.0" (Square)
HM-2702.20S1Shearbox Cutter, 2.0" (Square)
HM-2703.20S1Dolly Tamper, 2.0" (Square)


Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

HM-5750 Manual-0817 (Product Manual PDF)



ASTM D3080

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