Pull-off Tester, DY-2

Pull-off Tester, DY-2

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Proceq DY-2 Pull-off Tester, 135- 1349 lbf (0.6 - 6kN) Tensile Force
Proceq DY-2 Pull-off Tester, 360 - 3597 lbf (1.6 - 16kN) Tensile Force
Proceq DY-2 Pull-Off Tester, 562 - 5620 lbf (2.5 - 25kN) Tensile Force
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Pull-off Tester, DY-2

Supports the following standards: BS 1881 PART 207, EN 1542, EN 1015, EN 1348, ISO 4624

The quality of concrete repairs is determined by the adhesive strength between the repair material and the substrate. Pull-off testing is the most widely used test method to assess bond strength. The DY-2 family of automated pull-off testers covers the complete range of pull-off applications with unmatched ease of operation and the ability to store a complete record of the test. The DY-2 with its integrated feedback controlled motor provides a regulated load rate as specified by all standards, thereby providing a fully automated test for the most repeatable results. It is lightweight for easy operation even on walls and overhead.

The DY-2 pull-off testers are also unique, in that they record every single test parameter required by specifications:

  • Test disc size
  • Maximum load applied
  • Automatic calculation of bond strength
  • Applied load rate with graphical record
  • Time and date of the test
  • Complete time of test
  • Failure mode

With the DY-2 pull-off testers, the operator is able to provide a complete record of the pull-off or bond test, proving that the test was carried out in accordance with applicable standards.

Three versions are available, the HC-2985: 135 - 1349 lbf (0.6 - 6kN) covers most common applications, while HC-2986: 360 - 3597 lbf (1.6 - 16kN) provides increased accuracy for low-strength applications, and, the HC-2987: 360 - 562 - 5620 lbf (2.5 - 25kN) can be used for very high strength applications such as testing of fibre-reinforced polymers bonded to concrete structures or testing the bond strength of repair and overlay materials.

HC-2985: 135 - 1349 lbf (0.6 - 6kN) Tensile Force
HC-2986: 360 - 3597 lbf (1.6 - 16kN) Tensile Force
HC-2987: 562 - 5620 lbf (2.5 - 25kN) Tensile Force


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Proceq DY-2 Pull-off Discs Set, steel 50mm/M10 (set of 10)
Pull-off Discs, Set, Aluminum 50mm/M10 (set of 10)
Pull-off Discs, Set, Aluminum 20mm/M10 (set of 10)
Pull-off Discs, Set, Aluminum 50x50mm/M10 (set of 10)
Pull-off Discs, Set, Aluminum 40x40mm/M10 (set of 10)
Pull-off Discs, Set, Aluminum 100mm/M10 (set of 3)
Pull-off Discs, Set, Aluminum 100x100mm/M10 (set of 3)
Pull-off Discs, Set, Aluminum 75mm/M10 (set of 5)
Draw Bolt M10 Short
Draw Bolt M8 Short
Draw Bolt M12 Short
Adapter Plate for Large Discs
Fixing Kit for Vertical and Overhead Surfaces
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BS 1881 PART 207

EN 1542

EN 1015

EN 1348

ISO 4624

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