Econ-o-Cap Capping Pad Sets

Econ-o-Cap Capping Pad Sets

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Concrete Cylinder, Econ-o-Cap Set, 2"
Concrete Cylinder, Econ-o-Cap Set, 3"
Concrete Cylinder, Econ-o-Cap Set, 4"
Concrete Cylinder,Econ-o-Cap Set, 6"
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Econ-o-Cap Capping Pad Sets

Supports the following standards: ASTM C1231, AASHTO T22

Econ-o-caps provide a highly-efficient and reusable method for capping concrete cylinders for use in compression testing. Econ-o-caps eliminate the time and labor expenses associated with capping compounds. Sets are comprised of precision-machined, high-alloy steel retaining caps, which hold tough, elastomeric material pads. These pads can be assembled quickly and provide a fast end efficient method for distributing the test load uniformly across the cylinder, smoothing out any irregularities and ensuring consistent breaks. The steel retaining rings can be used for years with care and the pads are reusable up to 100 times or more with the aid of qualification testing of the pad's durometer. Bearing surfaces of the retaining rings is plane within 0.002in (0.05mm). Sets include (2) rings and (2) 60 durometer pads.



ASTM C1231


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