Foundation, Single-Mass DCP, Quick-Connect

Foundation, Single-Mass DCP, Quick-Connect

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Foundation, Single-Mass DCP, Quick-Connect
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Foundation, Single-Mass DCP, Quick-Connect

The H-4220F single-mass (10.1 lbs.), foundation DCP is used to estimate the shear strength of weak soil with a CBR less than 20 and psf less than 4000. It can be used to assess the in-place strength of undisturbed soil and/or compacted materials. It can also be used to estimate the CBR (California bearing ratio), shear strength and thickness of the material. The H-4220F is ideal for horizontal construction applications, such as shallow foundations, footings and pavement shoulders. Typically it is used to assess material properties to a depth of 36 in (914 mm) below the surface. Also, with the use of 24" extensions this depth can be increased to 6 ft ( 2 m).

The H-4220F comes with a 37.75" drive rod that is marked in 2" increments; a single-mass, 10.1 lb ( 4.5kg), sliding hammer and a reusable, hardened point. The drive rod and hammer are connected with a quick-connect pin. The Hammer drop is 22.6" (575mm) with a tolerance of 0.039in. (1.0mm). The hardened point has a 60° angle with a tolerance of 1°. The tip base diameter is 0.790" (20mm) with a tolerance of 0.010" (0.25mm).


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Dual-Mass DCP, Drive Rod, 12-inch Quick-Connect
Dual-Mass DCP, Extension Rod, 24-inch, Threaded (for use with both Quick-Connect and Threaded models)
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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

H-4220F-manual (Product Manual PDF)

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