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Half/Notch-Cut Prep Saw

Half/Notch-Cut Prep Saw

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Half/Notch-Cut Prep SawH-1358
Half/Notch-Cut Prep Saw
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Half/Notch-Cut Prep Saw

This sample prep saw is used for cutting asphalt samples in half and cutting the required notch for semicircular bend test (SCB) testing samples. It has been customized to provide the degree of precision necessary for preparing test specimens.

The standard configuration provides a notch cut for AASHTO TP124. An optional set of spacer blocks can be added for making the three different notch cuts for the Louisiana SCB, ASTM D8044 method, order H-1358.1.

The saw is comprised of a 10" (254mm) tile saw and includes a 0.050" thick blade, which corresponds with the requirements for SCB testing. In addition, the saw features a custom, spring-clamp fixture, which provides quick loading and secure holding of asphalt specimens for halving and notch cutting. A precision-machined alignment block is provided to check the saw for both 75mm and 145mm settings.

The saw can be bench mounted, but also comes with a folding stand for free-standing capability.


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Spacer Blocks Sample Prep Saw (ASTM D8044)
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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets
H-1358-H-1357-Prep-Saws (Data Sheet PDF)
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