Heat Adapter Kit for 12Qt Mixer, 220V 50Hz

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Heat Adapter Kit for 12Qt Mixer, 220V 50Hz
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Heat Adapter Kit for 12Qt Mixer, 220V 50Hz

600-watt Heating Adapter Kit maintains elevated temperatures when preparing hot-mix asphalt specimens in 12-Qt. Laboratory Mixers. Heating mantles mount under mixing bowls with hook and loop fasteners. Electronic proportional controller with built-in circuit breaker attaches with a twist-lock connector on 4ft (1.2m) cable. 230V/50Hz electrical supply


Heat on indicator light
Hook and loop fasteners mount heating mantles under mixing bowl
Electronic proportional controller with built in circuit breaker
Included Items:

Heating mantle with electrical lead and Velcro straps
Controller, Buss type fuse, heat-on indicator light and power cord
Connecting cord for heating mantle to controller


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