Hand-Held-Core Drill, 120/220V 60Hz

Hand-Held-Core Drill, 120/220V 60Hz New

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Hand-Held-Core Drill, 120/220V 60HzHR-2801.6F
Hand-Held-Core Drill, 120/220V 60Hz
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Hand-Held-Core Drill, 120/220V 60Hz

The HR-2801 Hand-Held Core Drill can be used for hand-held drilling up to 4". Perfect tool for sample drilling and drilling smaller holes for ventilation, plumbing pipes, jounts, electrical sockets and telecome cable openings. It is equipped with a LED indicator that shows when the drill is in a vertical or horizontal position and can also be calibrated to help guide the operator while angle drilling. The positioning system makes it possible for the operator to focus on drilling while controlling the position of the machine via the LED indicators. It is equipped with Softstart™, which slowly increases motor RPMs when starting, which reduces wear on the motor and brushes. The drill comes with a vac port as standard for use in dry applications, such as drilling bricks, blocks or other building materials. Can be used for wet applications when drilling reinforced concrete. Includes case.

Motor:115/230V 60Hz
Bit Capacity, Handheld:4"
Bit Capacity, with Stand:6"
Speeds (no load):900, 2150, 4500
Speeds (full load):500, 1400, 2900
Auger Capacity:NA

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