Lever Knife-Edge Clamp

Lever Knife-Edge Clamp

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Lever Knife-Edge Clamp
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Lever Knife-Edge Clamp

This multi-purpose unit can be attached to any standard meter stick. In operation, the clamp is used as a knife-edge fulcrum for supporting the meter stick in the inverted position. With the metal wire stirrup attached, it can be used as a weight hanger for hooked weights and other suspended objects. Rigid steel knifeedges are correctly aligned with the edges and small pointers of the openings on each side. The side openings permit easy reading of the graduations on the meter stick. A setscrew is incorporated to lock the clamp in any desired position. The fulcrum bevels are sharp and the edges are cut in opposite directions and are perfectly aligned opposite each other and with the small pointers. The body is welded steel, plated for corrosion resistance and includes a wire stirrup.

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