L.A. Abrasion Machine

L.A. Abrasion Machine

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Los Angeles Abrasion Machine, LA Abrasion Machine, 120V 60Hz
Los Angeles Abrasion Machine, LA Abrasion Machine, 220V 60Hz
Los Angeles Abrasion Machine, LA Abrasion Machine, 220V 50Hz
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L.A. Abrasion Machine

Supports the following standards: ASTM C131, ASTM C535, AASHTO T96

The L A abrasion machine is used to measure the degradation of mineral aggregate of standard gradings resulting from a combination of actions including abrasion or attrition, impact and grinding in a rotating steel drum containing a specified number of steel spheres. The test is widely used as an indicator of the relative quality of various sources of aggregate having similar mineral compositions.

Humboldt’s design follows the ASTM-preferred design:

  • Features a welded, structural-steel frame, fabricated .5"-thick (913mm) abrasion-resistant steel drum, a removable shelf, bolted to the drum and a balanced drum assembly for easy rotation by hand.
  • The enclosed chain drive rotates the drum without a conventional slip clutch. This positive drive delivers greater testing accuracy.
  • The self-contained worm-drive, motorized speed reducer has anti-friction bearings and sealed lubrication.
  • The 1hp, electronically-controlled motor is equipped with large, push-button controls and an automatic overload cutoff.
  • The controls can be removed from the Abrasion Machine and mounted outside a sound enclosure or mounted on a nearby wall. Unit includes user-configured, revolution counter, a material catch pan and one abrasion charge consisting of 12 hardened-steel balls. Dimensions: 39" x 29" x 37" (991 x 737 x 940mm).


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Abrasion Charge
Materials Catch Pan for LA Abrasion Machine
Sound Enclosure For LA Abrasion Machine
Digital Counter Retrofit Kit
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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

H-3860D man 0816 (Product Manual PDF)






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