Loss-on-Heat Thin Film Oven

Loss-on-Heat Thin Film Oven

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Loss-On-Heat Thin Film Oven, 120V 60HzH-1631
Loss-On-Heat Thin Film Oven, 120V 60Hz
Loss-On-Heat Oven, 220V 50HzH-1631.5F
Loss-On-Heat Oven, 220V 50Hz
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Loss-on-Heat Thin Film Oven

Supports the following standards: AASHTO T47, AASHTO T179, BS 2000

This dual-purpose 16ft3 oven can be used for lossof- heat test and thin film test for bitumen and asphaltic materials. The loss-on-heat oven determines the effect on asphaltic materials of heating in an oven under prescribed conditions. The results are reported in terms of change in sample mass and/or changes in selected properties such as viscosity, penetration and ductility as evidenced by test data taken before and after the oven cycle.

The oven features a stainless steel interior, a powder- coated steel exterior and a double-glazed door window for viewing the test chamber. Sidemounted controls are comprised of a microprocessor digital control and an independent overheat thermostat. Two rotating platforms are supplied to perform both types of tests.

The oven's temperature range is: ambient to 365°F (180°C), pre-set to 163°C ± 1°C. Dimensions are: internal chamber: 15" (H) x 20.5" (W) x 18" (D) (38 x 52 x 46cm); external dimension 22.5" (H) x 34" (W) x 25" (D) (57 x 87 x 63cm). External Dimension does not include motor or handle.


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Loss-On-Heat Oven, Sample container, ASTM D6
Thin film oven pan, stainless steel for ASTM D1754
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BS 2000

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