Medium-Duty Anchor Test Kit with 50kN Gauge

Medium-Duty Anchor Test Kit with 50kN Gauge

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Medium-Duty Anchor Test Kit with 50kN Gauge
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Medium-Duty Anchor Test Kit with 50kN Gauge

The medium-duty tester kit bridges the middle ground of testing applications from 30kN to 50kN loads. This tester kit features upgraded engineering to accommodate the increased load requirements. While it appears similar to the 25kN models, internal components have been upgraded. To sustain the 50kn load, the HC-2960 features a reinforced, load-spreading bridge featuring three extended-length legs, which can be adjusted to fit up to six positions using an integral pin arrangement. An upgraded turning handle is used to match the increased loads and an integrated M24 operating nut is included to use with a ratchet wrench for operation in confined spaces.

Kit Contents: Includes tester body and operating nut; Analog gauge (0-50kN); Spreading bridge with telescopic legs and hardened pins; Turning handle with integral 24mm Nut; M12 locking adapter; Bolt tester adapter; Threaded stud adapters: M16, M20 and M24; Button Adapters: M10, M12 threaded and 6.5, 8.5, 10.5 and 12.5 slotted, robust carrying case with grab handle


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Analog and Digital Gauges for Anchor Test


Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

Pull-Off-Testers (Data Sheet PDF)

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