Micro and Precision Riffle Splitter, 22 Chutes

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Micro and Precision Riffle Splitter, 22 Chutes
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Micro and Precision Riffle Splitter, 22 Chutes

The Precision Riffle Splitter (Jones-type) are designed to reduce bulk material into a convenient representative sample for laboratory analysis. A hopper, with a manual control gate, receives the material to be split, then upon opening the gate, the material flows through a series of equally divided compartments of chutes, sending 50% of the sample to the left side pan and 50% of the sample to the right side pan. These Splitters consist of a stainless steel hop-per with a manually actuated flow gate, stainless steel and anodized aluminum riffle bank, and stainless steel frame with support legs. Two (2) stainless steel pans are supplied.

Chutes: 22
Chute Width: .375" (9.5mm)
Hopper Size: 8.5" x 7.0" (216 x 178mm)
Hopper Volume: 100 cu. in.
Pans: 2
Pan Capacity: 100

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