Mikro Air-Jet Sieve® Model MAJSx2

Mikro Air-Jet Sieve® Model MAJSx2

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Mikro Air-Jet Sieve® Model MAJSx2
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Mikro Air-Jet Sieve® Model MAJSx2

The Mikro Air Jet Sieve® MAJSx2 is a highly accurate and reliable particle size analyzer which identifies the particle size distribution of dry powder ranging from 20 µm / # 635 (mesh) to 4,750 µm / # 4 (mesh). The versatile and economical analyzer is used by hundreds of laboratories throughout the world in wide-ranging markets including chemicals, minerals, pharmaceuticals, food, plastics, and cosmetics. It is more economical than a laser diffraction analyzer and more accurate than oscillating or shacking sieving devices. Additionally, the Mikro Air Jet Sieve® is easy to operate and maintain. The MAJSx features an integrated analysis computer with touch screen controls and display. The system is easy to operate and includes step by step instructions to ensure test performance. The Mikro Air Jet Sieve™ – MAJSx2 automatically calculates particle size and data can be stored, analyzed and compared.

Key features

  • Aerodynamic sieving, dispersion of the sample while continuously cleaning test sieve.
  • Simple analysis data saving to the on-board computer.
  • Sample Volume 10 to 100 grams/cycle analysis.
  • Output graphs in linear or Rosin-Rammler Law formats.
  • Capable of calculating particle size points at 0.01 to 99.99% using the Rosin-Rammler Law.
  • Now can use standard ASTM 8" and 200mm test sieves with low-profile o-ring adapter.

While most customers use the air jet sieve to determine the particle size of dry powder ranging from as fine as 20 µm / #635 (mesh) up to 4,750 µm / #4 (mesh), some utilize the particle size analyzer to determine the average particle size below a specified cut point; such as D90 < 50 µm. Others use the air jet sieve to confirm that a powder top size does not exceed product specifications. The Mikro Air Jet Sieve® MAJSx2 can even be used as a small lab-scale classifier to cut the fine portion out of a sample or as a dedusting system to remove undesirable fine dust from small batches.

The Mikro Air Jet Sieve® MAJSx2 utilizes test sieve screens and the pneumatic sieving principle to enhance the accuracy and reproducibility of particle size analysis. This method has become the preferred standard for such tasks as quality assurance of incoming raw materials, process control, and verification of final product specifications. While under negative pressure, a positive upward air flow is emitted from the rotating slit wand which continuously disperses particles across the surface of a test sieve screen. Those particles that are finer then the opening of the test sieve screen pass through and are carried away from the sample, leaving the coarse particles larger than the sieve opening retained on the test sieve screen. Particle size within the range of 20 to 4,750 µm can quickly be determined. The unique rotating wand method also reduces, and in many cases, eliminates the need for tapping or brushing, thus enhancing the analysis reproducibility. The overall system is designed for cleaner operation and requires less counter space than other types of analytical equipment.

The H-4334A.3F includes: the base unit with a clear acrylic sieve cover, slotted brass air nozzle, electronic controls with integrated computer and touch screen display. The 15-watt, bevel-gear motor has lifetime lubricated bearings. The cast aluminum housing features a built-in pressure differential gauge. An integral electrical outlet provides a convenient connection for the vacuum system, which is purchased separately. Vacuum is monitored at the housing outlet and has a control valve for adjustment.

Vacuum and Sieves are not included. Accessories and air-jet sieve drums are available


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HEPA Vacuum System
High-Efficiency HEPA Vacuum System
High-Efficiency Cyclone for Mikro Air Jet Sieving Apparatus
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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

H-4334A man 0118 (Product Manual PDF)

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