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Mud Balance

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Mud Balance
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Mud Balance

Supports the following standards: ASTM D4380

The mud balance provides a simple, practical method for the accurate determination of fluid density. It is one of the most sensitive and accurate field instruments available for determining the density or weight-per-unit-volume (specific gravity) of drilling fluids. An outstanding advantage of this Mud Balance is that the temperature of the sample does not materially affect the accuracy of readings. A high impact plastic case protects the balance during transport and provides a secure base in its working position. The item's durable construction makes it ideal for field use. It's high-impact plastic case protects the balance during transport while providing a secure base for the balance during use. The H-4790 mud balance meets all the requirements of the API standard procedures for testing water base drilling fluids, oil base drilling fluids and oil well cements.

Measuring Range
6-24 lb/gal
310-1250 lb/in2/1000 feet of depth
45-180 lb/ft3
0.72-2.88 gms/cm3 Specific Gravity



ASTM D4380

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