Non-Destructive Testing, or NDT, allows for inspection of concrete without damaging or altering your material in any way. NDT allows you to ensure that your critical infrastructures are properly maintained and accidents are avoided. Non‑Destructive Testing is also known as Non‑Destructive Inspection (NDI), Non‑Destructive Evaluation (NDE) and Non‑Destructive Examination (NDE).

Concrete NDT methods not only asses concrete strength, but can also evaluate corrosion of reinforcement, void structure, cracking and permeability. Humboldt provides a variety of testing instruments to enhance your inspection methods.

Rebound Hammers • Pull-off Testers • Rebar Location • Ultrasonic
Corrosion • Resistivity • Moisture in Slabs • Crack Monitors

Durable Rebound Hammers from Humboldt

Concrete rebound hammers are used to determine in-place strength of concrete and determine the surface hardness using the rebound principle. All models accurately measure compressive strength, which directly determines the load-bearing capacity and durability of concrete structures. Testing can be done at any angle, but calibration of the instrument must be done in the testing position. All hammers also include a grinding stone, carrying case and instruction booklet with conversion charts.

Rebar Location

The new technology being used for rebar location is Ground Penetrating Radar or GPR. GPR is a non‑destructive testing method providing a continuous cross-sectional profile of your subsurface features. This profile is created by sending radar pulses through the test surface. The waves get refracted or reflected back to the testing device as they encounter items buried beneath the surface and the cross-sectional profile is formed.

The Quantum Mini Concrete Scanner provides a dual frequency antenna, which improves the accuracy and depth range of the unit. With the benefits of deep lower frequency 1000 MHz antenna and a high resolution 2000 MHz antenna in a compact form factor, the Quantum Mini is suitable for ALL concrete scanning applications.

We also carry a complete selection of conventional rebar locators, like the easy-to-use Profoscope, which can determine rebar diameter to a depth of 64mm. The Profometer 600 is the ideal instrument for contractors who need to avoid damages to the reinforcement steel when drilling, coring or cutting.

Ultrasonic Testing

Another effective non‑destructive testing method for determining the quality of concrete is Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity, or UPV. Ultrasonic testing is conducted by passing a pulse of ultrasonic waves through the concrete to be tested and measuring the time taken by the pulse to get through the structure. Ultrasonic testing devices can be used to detect the presence of cracks, voids and other imperfections in concrete, as well as determine and monitor the strength and deterioration of concrete which may have occurred due to age, fire, frost or chemical attack.

Humboldt offers a full range of ultrasonic testing equipment, including the new, H-2880 Concrete Thickness Gauge. Other items like the Resipod Resistivity Meter and the various Pundit ultrasonic devices. We also have the Cross Hole Ultrasonic Monitor (CHUM) and a Sonic Echo Foundation Tester among our large product offering.

Combining multiple NDT methods will improve the reliability of test results and can be essential to deciding what future repairs are required or how stable a structure is. These non‑destructive test methods are crucial to safety determinations and offer cost savings over time.

Choosing the right non‑destructive test for your application can be as simple as checking local requirements as required by law. Manufacturers may also have best practices and NDT standards available to you. If neither of these exist, try finding guidance by searching for industry best practices or consulting with a NDT technician.

Contact a Humboldt product specialist at 1.800.544.7220 ext. 6303 to learn more about our Non‑Destructive Concrete Testing Equipment.

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