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Durable Rebound Hammers from Humboldt

Concrete rebound hammers are used to determine in-place strength of concrete. All models accurately measure compressive strength, which directly determines the load-bearing capacity and durability of concrete structures. All hammers also include a grinding stone, carrying case and instruction booklet with conversion charts.

Rebar Location

The new technology being used for rebar location is Ground Penetrating Radar. The Quantum Mini Concrete Scanner provides a dual frequency antenna, which improves the accuracy and depth range of the unit. We also carry a complete selection of conventional rebar locators, like the easy-to-use Profoscope.

With the benefits of deep lower frequency 1000 MHz antenna and a high resolution 2000 MHz antenna in a compact form factor, the Quantum Mini is suitable for ALL concrete scanning applications.

Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing devices can be used to detect the presence of cracks, voids and other imperfections in concrete, as well as determine and monitor the strength and deterioration of concrete which may have occurred due to age, fire, frost or chemical attack.

Humboldt offers a full range of ultrasonic testing equipment, including the new, H-2880 Concrete Thickness Gauge. Other items like the Resipod Resistivity Meter and the various Pundit ultrasonic devices. We also have the Cross Hole Ultrasonic Monitor (CHUM) and a Sonic Echo Foundation Tester among our large product offering.

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