Ohaus Heavy-Duty, Solution Balance

Ohaus Heavy-Duty, Solution Balance

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Ohaus Heavy-Duty, Solution Balance
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Ohaus Heavy-Duty, Solution Balance

Supports the following standards: ASTM C131

The Ohaus Heavy-Duty Solution Balance is a dual beam mechanical balance with a maximum capacity of 20 kilograms and a readability of 1 gram. A dual-faced Indicator Plate allows front and rear weighing. The base and beam are constructed of cast aluminum and finished with a durable epoxy powder coating. A large lockable tare and magnetic damping speeds up the weighing process. Readings up to 1100 grams may be taken directly off the two beams and the slotted mass set provided extends the weighing capacity to 20 kilograms.

Capacity: 20kg | Readability: 1.0g | Tare: 2270g | Platform: 11" dia. stainless steel | Ship Wt. 44 lb. (19.96kg)

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Field Scale Replacement Weight 1 lb. (1 required) for H-4660
Field Scale Replacement Weight 2 lb. (2 required) for H-4660
Field Scale Replacement Weight 5 lb. (2 required) for H-4660
Field Scale Replacement Weight 10 lb. (2 required) for H-4660
Field Scale Replacement Weight 500g (1 required) for H-4665
Field Scale Replacement Weight 1kg (1 required) for H-4665
Field Scale Replacement Weight 2kg (2 required) for H-4665
Field Scale Replacement Weight 5kg (2 required) for H-4665
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