Perfa-Cure Mini Curing Box, 75qt., Heat Only

Perfa-Cure Mini Curing Box, 75qt., Heat Only

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Perfa-Cure Mini Curing Box, 75qt., Heat Only
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Perfa-Cure Mini Curing Box, 75qt., Heat Only

Supports the following standards: ASTM C31, AASHTO T-23

New economical way to protect concrete test specimens in the field. Thermostatically controlled for that "Set it and forget it" set up. Perfect for curing test specimens in the fall/winter seasons. 1/3 the cost of some of the other models available. 75 qt. Model


  • Meets ASTM C31 & AASHTO T-23 compliant
  • Accommodates up to 5- 6x12" cylinder molds & 17- 4x8" cylinder molds with flat lids
  • All units are lightweight (under 30 pounds empty)
  • Lifting handles for "empty" transport
  • Includes Hi/Lo thermometer (ASTM C1064)

***Requires 110 Volt AC***





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