pH and Temperature Analysis Pen

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pH and Temperature Analysis Pen

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pH and Temperature Analysis Pen
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pH and Temperature Analysis Pen

Supports the following standards: ASTM D4972, ASTM D6276

Range: 0.00 - 14.00pH

This pH/Temp. Analysis Pen offers a convenient way to measure pH, or the relative acidity or alkalinity of a sample at a given temperature. The pH pen can be completely operated with just one hand, freeing up your other hand to handle samples. Analysis pen meters provide what should be expected of a small pen meter: simple, fast, straightforward, no-frills yet highly accurate operation time and time again. With durable plastic housing, a protective cap that safeguards the sensor and an automatic shutdown feature to preserve battery life, Analysis Pen meters can endure consistent use in rugged environments. The electrodes are also replaceable, which extends the meters’ usable life considerably. Equipped with a wrist strap that helps to prevent unintentional dropping, Analysis Pen meters are constructed with an IP67 waterproof design that can prevent water damage when accidentally dropped into liquid.


Measurement Range: 0.0-14.0pH
Resolution: 0.01pH
Accuracy: ± 0.05pH
Calibration: 3 Points
Temperature Range: 0.0-99.0 °C
Temperature Compensation: N/A
Size: 185 × 45 × 38 mm
Weight: 110 g

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pH Pen (HO-4940), Electrode Replacement for pH and Temp.
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