Pneumatic, Semi-Automated Direct/Residual Shear Apparatus

Supports the following standards: AASHTO T236, BS: 1377:7
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Pneumatic, Semi-Automated Direct/Residual Shear Apparatus
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Horiz. Movement:1" (25.4mm) Maximum
Horiz. Shear Force:2000 lbf (10kN)
Vertical Load:2000 lbf (10kN)
Data Channels:4
Speed Range:0.00001 to 0.49999 in./min. (0.00001 to 12.9999 mm/min.(
Data Storage:1000 tests and up to 3000 readings per test
Dimensions:30" x 15.5" x 22" (760 x 394 x 558mm)
Voltage:110/220V 50/60Hz - 6.5amps

Controller Specifications

Display (Resistive Touch) 7" (178mm) VGA (480 x 800)
Real-time Test Data Graphic and Tabulation
Processor Dual 32-bit ARM
Memory, Non-Volatile 4GB
Analog to Digital Converter 24 bit
Data Acquistion 4 Channels
Logging Rate effective rate of 320 readings per second
Multi-Test Storage 1000
Points Per Test 3000
USB port (front) export data, import/export calibration data, WiFi
USB Port (back) provides external power for wireless access point
Ethernet Connection for network connectivity
24-bit Differential Analog to Digital Converter 4
Ambient Temperature Sensor 1
Firmware Update flash drive

System Requirements

AC Supply 110/220VAC 50/60 Hz 5 Amp
Air Supply Clean and dry (air filter, water trap), minimum: 100psi (700kps) continuous air supply 10CFM (0.3m3/min)

Additional Items Required

PC Computer Not Supplied
Desiccant Dryer, Silica Gel HM-4222
Filter/Regulator HM-4223
Direct Shear/Consolidation Installation Kit HM-4168


Part Number & Name
Replacement Ball, 5/8" 440 Stainless Steel
Round Shearbox Assemblies for HM-5760.3F, HM-5755.3F and HM-5750 machines
Square Shearbox Assemblies for HM-5760.3F, HM-5755.3F and HM-5750 machines
Direct Shear Module for NEXT Software
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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

ELITE-SERIES-directshear 2019 (Data Sheet PDF)

HM-5755-Manual (Product Manual PDF)




BS: 1377:7

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