Precision RTD Platinum Thermometer

Precision RTD Platinum Thermometer

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Precision RTD Platinum Thermometer
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Precision RTD Platinum Thermometer

High-precision thermometer is geared specifically for measuring temperatures in soil, ovens, gas systems, water baths, wastewater, incubators, chemical solutions, petroleum products, and extremely cold conditions. Innovative 0.01° resolution digital thermometer developed specifically for lab and plant use is the finest-performing RTD Platinum Thermometer ever designed. Accuracy of ± (0.1% + 0.2°C) below 200°C, ± (0.15% + 0.5°C) otherwise makes it ideal for experimental requirement. Ease of use makes it perfect for routine quality-control needs. One-button operation allows everyone in the lab to report identical readings and eliminates operator technique errors.
• Min/Max reading display
• Hold function to freeze current reading
• Countdown time function included
• Programmable high temperature alarm threshold

Type:1 Channel,RTD Platinum Thermometer
Features:Auto Power 0ff, USB Interface Windows Software, Data Logger 16,000 Records, Records Minimum / Maximum Temperature Hold Function
Probe:Platinum RTD stainless-steel
Range:-100 to 300°C (-148 to 572ºF)
Resolution:0.01°C (0.01°F)
Accuracy:± (0.1% + 0.2°C) below 200°C, ± (0.15% + 0.5°C)
Stem Length:5.9" probe, 0.1" dia.
Power:(4) AA batteries
Traceable Certificate:Included

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