Pundit Live Array Pro

Pundit Live Array Pro

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Pundit Live Array ProHC-6460
Pundit Live Array Pro
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Pundit Live Array Pro

The Pundit Live Array Pro is a rapid ultrasonic pulse echoing imaging scanner that can be used for that can be used to check for quality assessment and uniformity, thickness measurements from a single side, location of delaminations, voids and honeycoming, location of hollow pipes, pipes and tendon ducts beyond the rebar layer and assessment of fiber-reinforced concrete. The wireless Pundit Live Array Pro tomography scanner is connected with a free iOS App to any compatible Apple® iPad. It comes with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) user support and 3D imaging capabilities. It provides real-time measurement, 3D grid and line scanning and can stitch images together.

The Live software is a browser-based webtool that provides:

  • High resolution imaging of thickness variations, delaminations, voids and tendon ducts
  • Cursors for depth and horizontal displacement information
  • Settings directly accessible on measuring screen
  • AI positioning system
  • Automatic back wall detection
  • Automatic pulse velocity estimation

The Pundit Live Array Pro is based on ultrasonic multi-channel pulse echo technology using 8 channels. One channel transmits and the echoes are received by the other seven channels. Each channel transmits in turn. No couplant is required due to the dry point contact technology. A complete measurement consists of 56 A-scans. These are used to compute and display a B-scan in real-time using the Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique (SAFT). Coupling two transducers results in a 16 channel aperture processing a total of 240 A-scans per measurement cycle. The Pundit Live array Pro consists of the Pundit Array transducer, Pundit Array contact tester, 6x rechargeable AA NiMH batteries, power supply, Proceq Live Wi-Fi module, 3x Pundit Live tape measure, documentation and carrying case.

Does not include iPad.

Additional Specifications
Gain:0 to 80dB
Analog Bandwidth:15 to 100kHz
Range:0 to 1000µs
Pulse Voltage:± 150V
Pulse Shape:Square wave
Pulse Delay:8 to 200ms
Number of Channels:8


  Part Number & Name Price QTY
Pundit Array Transducer HC-6450.1
Pundit Array Transducer
Transducer extension kit HC-6450.2
Transducer extension kit
Dual-handle kit for Pundit 250 Array HC-6450.3
Dual-handle kit for Pundit 250 Array
Battery Pack, complete for Pundit 250 Array HC-6450.4
Battery Pack, complete for Pundit 250 Array
Battery, Rechargeable for Pundit 250 Array HC-6450.5
Battery, Rechargeable for Pundit 250 Array
Calibrated Tape, set of (5) HC-6450.6
Calibrated Tape, set of (5)
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