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The H-4394 Quadri-Splitter efficiently divides free-flowing material into four representative fractions in a single pass. The totally enclosed design controls dust and reduces moisture loss, while sample loss is minimized by fewer passes and less handling. Units yield four representative samples for a total sample capacity of 1.6ft3 (45.3L). The unique tilt-feeding mechanism lifts and rotates the removable feed pan to the hopper opening where it seals to the hopper inlet as the material is dumped. Sample pans are sealed to splitter body, yet easily slide out. Hinged doors on both sides of the body allow inspection and cleaning of chute sections.

The three chute decks each have fourteen chutes of 1in (25.4mm) width and 60° slope for smooth sample flow, making the H-4394 ideal for coal and coke testing. One pass yields four 1/4 fractions, each of which can be split again if needed to reduce bulk samples to amounts required for lab tests. Three passes will yield a 1/64 sample that is still representative of the whole. H-4394 Quadri-Splitters have all quality stainless steel contact parts (chutes and pans). Other parts are heavy gauge galvanized steel, spot welded, riveted and painted for long life and durability.

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