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Compressor Compressor, 1hp 120psi, 115V 50/60HzHM-4220
Compressor Compressor, 1hp 120psi, 115V 50/60Hz
Compressor Compressor, 1hp 120psi, 220V, 50/60HzHM-4220.4F
Compressor Compressor, 1hp 120psi, 220V, 50/60Hz
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Supports the following standards: ASTM D4767, ASTM D7181

When operating under full load this exceptionally quiet compressor offers a tremendously low noise level of 40 db/A. Each compressor is built with quality in mind, and comes equipped with powder-coated air tank, pressure switch, 1-micron air filter, regulator, and pressure gauges for completely automatic and trouble free operation.


Output in CFM and L/Min: 4.2 CFM120 L.Min
Horse Power: 1.0Hp
Tank Size Gal / Lt.: 13 Gal50 Lt.
Noise Level: 42 db/A
Dimensions: 41 x 13 x 2743 x 18 x 33 (Packed)
Weight: 121 lbs. (147 lbs. Packed)
Max Pressure PSI / Bar: 120 PSI (8 Bar)
Operating Pressure PSI / Bar: 90-120 PSI6-8 Bar


Output 4.2 CFM120 L.Min
Horse Power 1.0Hp
Tank Size 13 Gal50 Lt.
Noise Level 42 db/A
Max Pressure 120 PSI (8 Bar)
Operating Pressure 90-120 PSI6-8 Bar


ASTM D4767
ASTM D7181
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