Relative Density Apparatus

Relative Density Apparatus

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Relative Density Apparatus Relative Density of Cohesionless Soils Apparatus, 230V, 60Hz
Relative Density Apparatus Relative Density of Cohesionless Soils Apparatus, 230V, 50Hz
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Relative Density Apparatus

Supports the following standards: ASTM D4253, ASTM D4254

Apparatus determines the relative density of cohesion-less, free-draining soils and provides well-defined results on soils that do not respond well to conventional moisture-density impact compaction testing. Soils for which this method is appropriate may contain up to 12 percent of soil particles passing a No. 200 (75µm) sieve, depending on the distribution of particle sizes, which causes them to have free-draining characteristics. Relative density of cohesionless soils uses vibratory compaction to obtain maximum density and pouring to obtain minimum density. Complete set includes: vibrating table H-3756.2F, relative density mold sets H-3757 and H-3758 and relative density gauge set H-3759. Both models are 12 amps 1ph AC.

Not supplied with a cord or plug due to the high wattage consumption requirements. Must be hard-wired through conduit and fittings.


Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

H-3750 man 03.09 (Product Manual PDF)


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