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Rock Schmidt

The RockSchmidt is a variation of the SilverSchmidt rebound hammer, which has been adapted specifically for rock testing applications, such as UCS correlations or the prediction of penetration rates for tunnel boring machines and rotary drum cutters.

The following features of the hammer make it ideal for rock testing applications:
Impact Angle Independence: The rebound value is independent of the impact direction.
Optimized for Field Work: Tighter sealing against dirt and dust intrusion for longer life. Significantly lighter and more ergonomic than the classic Schmidt hammer. A large number of readings can be saved and downloaded later to a PC.
Preset Statistics: Statistics methods recommended by ISRM and ASTM are implemented into the hammer for automatic calculation of the rebound number. The option is also there to define a user specific statistics method.
Unconfined Compressive Strength: ISRM recommends a correlation between UCS and the rebound value based on the formula UCS = aebR (where R is the rebound value). A correlation in this format may be defined in the PC software and downloaded onto the RockSchmidt.
Young’s (E-) Modulus: ISRM recommends a correlation between elastic modulus and the rebound value based on the formula Et = cedR (where R is the rebound value). A correlation in this format may be defined in the software and downloaded to the RockSchmidt.
Weathering Grade: Impacting on the same location twice can be used to correlate to weathering grade. The ISRM recommended method has been included in the device. RockSchmidt, includes battery charger with USB cable, DVD with PC software, carrying strap, grinding stone, documentation and carrying bag

Impact Energy:N: 2.207Nm
Max Impacts:99 per series
Battery Life:5000 impacts
IP Classification:IP54

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