Rolling Wheel Abrasion Machine (RWA)

Rolling Wheel Abrasion Machine (RWA)

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Rolling Wheel Abrasion Machine (RWA)
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Rolling Wheel Abrasion Machine (RWA)

Supports the following standards: EN 13892-5, EN 13892-7

The Rolling Wheel Abrasion Machine is used for the determination of the resistance to rolling strain on screeds for wear layers according to EN 13892-5 and screeds with floor coverings according to EN 13892-7.

The RWA Provides Test Programs For:
• EN 13892-5 with impellers Ø125 mm and 2000N (test surface: 390 x 260 mm)
• EN 13892-7 with impeller Ø47 mm and 150, 250, 350, 450, 550N (test surface: 210 x 150 mm)
• Freely programmable test sequences within the max. possible parameter of the other two standards

• Easy exchange of the impellers
• Large wheel with scrapers (against adhesion of sample material)
• The speeds of the X and Y axes can be adjusted for each standard
• Infinitely adjustable test load, display in Newton (calibratable)
• Fully enclosed test room with large secure access doors.
• Sample table 700 x 800 mm and 765 mm above the ground
• Manually infinitely adjustable sample lock, depending on the sample dimension
• Sample table of the machine moves up to the access doors of the machine for easy sample change
• Suction ring for suction of sample abrasion (vacuum cleaner not included)
• Fracture detection of samples (The limit switches for each impeller are adjustable)
• Operation via touchscreen
• Compressed air connection min. 6 bar up to max. 10 bar required



EN 13892-5

EN 13892-7

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