SCB Sample Preparation Saw

SCB Sample Preparation Saw

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SCB Sample Preparation SawH-1357.3F
SCB Sample Preparation Saw
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SCB Sample Preparation Saw

Supports the following standards: ASTM D8044

This sample preparation saw is used to prepare 50mm or 62mm asphalt specimen disks from gyro or field core samples for use in semi-circular bend (SCB) tests, ASTM D8044. The saw features customized precision alignment, which ensures precise parallel and perpendicular alignment, as well as a customized 16" (406mm) blade, which cuts samples quickly and precisely. It also features a custom fixture that takes the guesswork out of cutting specimen disks to size. Once the specimen is loaded, no clamping and re-clamping is required. Simply slide the table to the pre-configured offsets, 50mm or 62mm standard thickness sizes and lock the fixture in place with the two included dowel handles. The included cam handle brackets quickly secure 4" and 6" specimens into the fixture.

The saw operates at 230V 60Hz, which is recommended, but can be also be used on 120V with a plug adapter (not provided). The saw can be bench mounted, but also comes with 4 adjustable legs for free-standing capability.

The saw operates at 230V 60Hz, which is recommended, but can be also be used on 120V with a plug adapter (not provided).


Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets
H-1358-H-1357-Prep-Saws (Data Sheet PDF)


ASTM D8044
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