Soil Cylinder

Soil Cylinder

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Soil Cylinder
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Soil Cylinder

Supports the following standards: ASTM G187, AASHTO T288

The Soil Cylinder can be used to satisfy either of the 2-electrode methods— ASTM G187 or AASHTO T-288 Standards. The body of the Soil Cylinder is made of clear acrylic (allowing easy viewing of sample) with PVC components and the distribution plates (conducting end plates) are stainless steel. Rubber O-rings provide sealing for the two end caps. Accommodates large sample volumes [approximately 2,714 cm³ (2.714 liters) and can accommodate crushed-rock samples, as well as regular soils and liquids. Water can be added in-situ for sample saturation (de-ionized water, simulated rain water etc.) Provides closed, air-tight volume— field-collected samples can be immediately "installed" in the cylinder, as opposed to filling a separate container for transportation. This means that resistance readings taken at a later stage will be representative of the "as-found" condition of the sample.





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