Soil Sampler Replacement Tips

Soil Sampler Replacement Tips

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Soil Sampler Replacement Tips

Soil tips are replaceable and work on the following Sampling Tubes: H-4261, H-4362, H-4268 and H-4269. Buying extra tips for your soil sampling tool can be a convenient and economic way to increase the lifespan of your equipment. Tips are 0.75" in diameter and nickel plated to add extra strength and resist corrosion.

The Regular Soil Tip was specially designed for use in areas with many different soil and moisture types. This is an "all purpose" tip, so if you aren't sure which tip to get, this is a great option.

Dry Soil Tip was specially designed for use in areas with sand or very dry soil.
Wet Soil Tip was designed for use in clay, mud, or very wet soil and moisture types. It has a thicker ridge on the inside to help hold onto the wet soil better.

The Heavy Duty Soil Tip was designed for use in areas with hard soil, gravel or other difficult soil types.

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