Super Pump for Air Meters

Super Pump for Air Meters

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Super Pump for Air MetersH-2785.DB
Super Pump for Air Meters
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Super Pump for Air Meters

Supports the following standards: ASTM C231

Step up to the quality and reliability of the Humboldt super pump. The super pump’s all brass construction resists acids in cement. All parts, including valve, are replaceable. For use with all type B air meters.

Replacement Parts

Replacement Part Diagram
  Part Number & Name Price QTY
Valve Nut H-2785.DB1
Valve Nut
Valve H-2785.DB2
Valve O-Ring H-2785.DB3
Valve O-Ring
Pump Tube Assembly H-2785.DB4A
Pump Tube Assembly
Pump Cap H-2785.DB5
Pump Cap
Stem Nut H-2785.DB6
Stem Nut
Pump Handle H-2785.DB10
Pump Handle
Stem Cap H-2785.DB12
Stem Cap
Pump Piston O-Ring H-2785.51
Pump Piston O-Ring
Pump Tube O-Ring H-2785.53
Pump Tube O-Ring
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