Temperature/Humidity Logger Software

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Temperature/Humidity Logger Software
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Temperature/Humidity Logger Software

Explorer Software for operating H-2736 and H-2732 data loggers. This Windows-based program is simple and intuitive to use, allowing users to easily manage both Tinytag loggers and recorded data. A simple to use launch page that allows easy editing of a data logger’s settings, while at the same time summarizing them clearly. When offloaded, recorded data is initially presented as a graph but can also be displayed as a table of readings if required. These views are supplemented with an information view, that summarizes details of the data being shown, and a daily minimum/maximum view. Data can easily be exported from all four views into MS Excel and Word, either as a file or by simply copying and pasting. The software supports multiple languages, and there is also a comprehensive, illustrated help file to take the user through the basics of the software, and its more advanced features. Site licenses are available for multiple installs.

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