Temperature/RH Loggers, High-Precision

Temperature/RH Loggers, High-Precision

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High-Precision Temperature/RH Logger, WiredH-2746
High-Precision Temperature/RH Logger, Wired
High-Precision, Temperature/RH Logger, WirelessH-2747
High-Precision, Temperature/RH Logger, Wireless
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Temperature/RH Loggers, High-Precision

Available in either a wireless LAN configuration (H-2747) or in a wired LAN (H-2746), these data loggers can automatically upload recorded data to the free T&D WebStorage service at a set interval. T&D WebStorage is a free service, which enables the viewing of uploaded data on your PC or mobile device, anytime or anywhere. Also, a new free App is available, which enables the use of mobile devices for making/changing device settings, downloading recorded data from the wireless logger and viewing a graph on the mobile device's screen. A USB connection is also provided to connect the loggers to a PC. Both loggers come with a high-precision temperature/humidity sensor. Features include a humidity measurement accuracy of ±2.5%, as well as the wide-range measurement of temperature from -23 to 158°F (-25 to 70°C) and humidity from 0-99%.

These units are battery powered eliminating the need for AC power, and, can last up to 1.5 years before battery replacement. Logging capacity is 8000 data sets, which equates to a recording interval of once every 60 minutes for over a year. Provides logging interval can be set from 1 second to 60 minutes. Easy operation is provided by the unit's front buttons, which allow start and stop recording functions, interval changes and auto upload settings. Temperature/humidity sensor is included.

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