High-Pressure Triaxial Cell

High-Pressure Triaxial Cell New

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High-Pressure Triaxial Cell, 4" (100mm)HM-4699B-4
High-Pressure Triaxial Cell, 4" (100mm)
Stainless Version Cell, 4" (100mm)HM-4699SS-4
Stainless Version Cell, 4" (100mm)
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High-Pressure Triaxial Cell

This High-Pressure Triaxial Cell is designed for use in testing samples of up to 4" (100mm) samples in high-pressure applications of up to 500psi or 3500 ICPA. Construction is similar to our Standard Triaxial cells, but includes 4 metal bands to maintain the integrity of the test chamber.

Does not include submersible load cell as shown in photo


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