UltraMist Curing Room Humidity System Kit

UltraMist Curing Room Humidity System Kit

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UltraMist Curing Room Humidity System Kit - 120V 60Hz
UltraMist Curing Room Humidity System Kit - 220V 50/60Hz
UltraMist w/TrioBreeze, 120V 60Hz
UltraMist w/TrioBreeze, 220V 50/60Hz
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UltraMist Curing Room Humidity System Kit

Supports the following standards: ASTM C511

The UltraMist Curing Room Kit is designed to provide the ideal solution for maintaining concrete curing rooms within ASTM C511 specifications. The Ultramist Kit maintains the room temperature at 23°C ±2°C and the relative humidity above 95% on average without the need for HVAC equipment. This is accomplished by the controlled use of hot and cold water misting of the room through the provided mist bar and nozzle assembly, which is designed to cover a 10 x 15 ft. (3 x 4.6m) room. The system is set up to mist the room every hour for 15 seconds, so the specimens remain moist.

The UltraMist Curing Room Kit utilizes air atomization technology to produce a fine vapor fog to create the optimal environment for storing and curing concrete testing samples, such as cylinders. It provides the ideal solution for maintaining the high humidity levels and regulated temperatures required for curing rooms and ASTM C511.

The Ultramist Curing Room System uses the included controller to monitor settings via its LCD touchscreen. The current %RH and temperature are shown on the LCD touchscreen. A trending %RH and temperature chart is also provided. The %RH and temperature readings, which are logged every 5 minutes are stored on a USB flash drive. The controller allows for real‐time temperature and percent relative humidity data logging to be seen on the control panel. In addition, data logging of the temperature and percent relative humidity is recorded on a USB drive in .csv file format.

The basic Ultramist Kit includes the controller, valve/filter assembly board, Sensor and the misting grid for a 10' x 15' room. The kit is also available with the TriOBreeze sanitization option, which keeps your moist room’s microbiological load in check. TriOBreeze sanitization injects activated air (e.g., ozone) into the curing room, which cleans and sanitizes the system more effectively and less expensively than a chlorine-based system.
NOTE: The system controls temperature by regulating hot and cold water valves. Your moist room will only get as cold as your cold water and as hot as your water.

The kit includes 52 ft. of UltraMist bar with necessary nozzles and fittings. The UltraMist spray bars come in 2 ft. lengths with union connectors for easy push-to-connect assembly.


  • 110V 60HZ 20 amp outlet within 4 feet of the control panel
  • Dedicated 40‐gallon water heater set to a minimum of 125°F
  • Hot and cold water plumbed near the control panel


Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

H-2748&H-2748T UltraMist-DS (Data Sheet PDF)




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UltraMist Curing Room Humidity System Kit Demo Full Install

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